BCMATH programs for some generalized 3x+1 mapping sequences and other recursively defined integer sequences

  1. The 3x+1 (Collatz) conjecture
  2. Two mappings of Keith Matthews
  3. Two mappings of Brian Gurbaxani
  4. Two mappings of David Bařina
  5. Some mappings of Pruthviraj Hajari
  6. Some of G. Venturini's mappings
  7. Two mappings of Mridul Sen
  8. John Horton Conway's cycling sequence
  9. Examples of H. Möller's mapping
  10. Mappings of Benoit Cloitre
  11. Mapping of Kevin Lamoreau
  12. Mappings of Tomás Oliveira e Silva
  13. Frequency program
  14. Finding the canonical form of the Markov matrix QT(m) arising from generalized 3x+1 mappings , where either gcd(mi, d )=1 for 0 ≤ i < d, or gcd(mi, d2) = gcd(mi, d) for 0 ≤ i < d and d divides m.
  15. Finding the canonical form of Markov matrix QT(m) arising from George Leigh's Markov chain {Yn(x)}
Last modified 4th June 2021
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