Some BCMath/PHP number theory programs

Keith Matthews
Here are some of my BC programs that I have made accessible online, using the BCMath/PHP language.
Please let me know of any problems.

  1. Arithmetic
  2. LLL-based and other integer matrix algorithms
  3. Finding the chromatic and flow polynomials of a linear matroid over GF(p)
  4. Examples of generalized 3x+1 mapping sequences and other recursively defined integer sequences
  5. Continued fractions
  6. Quadratic diophantine equations and fundamental units
  7. Quadratic residues and nonresidues
  8. Congruences
  9. Primes, factoring of small integers, primitive roots
  10. Some number theoretic functions
  11. Binary quadratic forms and quadratic fields:
  12. Some Markov matrix BCMATH programs
Changes and additions to my BCMath programs

Last modified 16th April 2023
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