BCMATH Congruence programs

  1. Solving the congruence ax ≡ b (mod m);

  2. The Aubry-Thue theorem

  3. Solving the congruences x ≡ a (mod m), x ≡ b (mod n);

  4. Solving the congruences x ≡ a1 (mod m1),..., x ≡ an (mod mn);

  5. Solving the congruence ax2 + bx +c ≡ 0 (mod n);

  6. Solving x2 ≡ a (mod n);

  7. Finding a 2-adic square root of a positive integer of the form 8k+1;

  8. Finding a p-adic square root of a quadratic residue (mod p), p an odd prime.

  9. Calculating p-adic loga(b) (Victor Scharaschkin)

Last modified 19th March 2021
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