John Campbell's Personal Page

Teaching Experience

A range of Service Courses in both Computing and Mathematics:
Algorithms and Discrete Structures
Sorting and Searching
Basic Information Systems
Discrete Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Analysis (Differential and Integral Calculus)
More specialized courses:
Data Modelling and Relational Database Design
Applied Graph Theory
Automata Theory
Algebraic Structures - Groups, Rings, Fields applied to Error Correction and Cryptography
Multivariate Calculus
Galois Theory
Differential Algebra
Number Theory with applications to Cryptography
Elliptic Curves
Tensor Analysis - a teenage passion, triggered by an urge to understand General Relativity
Number Theory - thanks to Heilbronn's exemplary lectures
Infinite Abelian Groups - picked up from Philip Hall's lectures and Irving Kaplansky's unsurpassed book
Homological Algebra - first discovered during a wet holiday spent reading Cartan & Eilenberg in a caravan
Computability Theory - my first, dazzling, encounter with something totally unprepared for
Localization in module categories over non-commutative rings - my PhD topic
Algebraic Geometry - another dazzling find, seemingly endless
More Number Theory - Elliptic Curves (after learning of Andrew Wiles' achievement)
Gardening - an erratic obsession, especially the shaping of hedges and shrubs
Reading - novels, biography, poetry (guided by my one-time acquaintance Harold Bloom)
Walking two dogs - a daily highspot, even in bad weather
Tinkering with Web pages - favourite tools: CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
Tinkering with Mathematics - when (now rarely) inspired to do so by friends/colleagues