Finding the closest lattice points to a given point

A is an m × n matrix of integers, whose first row is nonzero and with at least two rows.
ℒ is the lattice in ℤn spanned by the first m-1 rows of A.

The LLL parameter alpha = m1/n1 has to satisfy 1/4 < α ≤ 1, but here we use a default value 1/1.
The matrix A can be entered either (i) as a string of mn integers separated by spaces, or
(ii) cut and pasted from a text file, with entries separated by spaces and each row ended by a newline.

    Enter m1(1 ≤ m1 ≤ 1000):
    Enter n1(1 ≤ m1 ≤ n1 ≤ 1000):
    Enter m(≤ 25):
    Enter n(≤ 25):

    Enter the m × n matrix entries :

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