Gertrude Katherine Stanley

Gertrude Katherine Stanley (1898-1974) graduated from Westfield College, London, in 1917, obtained an M.Sc. at Bedford College in 1923 and spent the two academic years 1925-27 as a member of the Society of Oxford Home-Students; this was a society for women students at Oxford University of less than college status which became St. Anne's Society in 1942 and St. Anne's College in 1952. She was a research student of Hardy's and obtained the B.SC. degree in 1927; at that time this degree was a postgraduate one corresponding to the present degree of M.Sc. From 1928-1931 she was an Assistant Lecturer at Manchester University. She returned to Westfield College in 1931 and remained there until her retirement in 1964 as head of the Mathematics Department. From Ramanujan: Essays and Surveys, (Ed.) B.C. Berndt, R.A. Rankin, History of Mathematics Series, November 2001, AMS

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