Online number theory lecture notes and teaching materials

  1. Online Math Courses, videos and lectures from leading universities. This has links to some excellent number theory courses.
  2. Algebraic Number Theory and commutative algebra, lecture notes by Robert Ash
  3. Lecture notes on p-adic numbers and introductory number theory (Andrew Baker)
  4. Algebraic number theory notes (Matt Baker - pdf)
  5. Cours d'arithmétique, notes by Pascal Boyer
  6. Zahlentheorie (Notes by Winfried Bruns)
  7. Algebra 2 - number theory for teacher education, Michal Bulant (in Czech)
  8. L-functions (lecture course by Kevin Buzzard)
  9. MAS4002: Algebraic Number Theory, Course notes by Robin Chapman, University of Exeter
  10. Algebraic Number Theory and Automorphic L-functions, lecture notes by Ching-Li Chai
  11. A Course on Number Theory (Peter J. Cameron)
  12. Curso avanzado de Teoría de Números (Fernando Chamizo)
  13. Math 4400/6400 - Number Theory (Pete Clark)
  14. Computational class field theory, A course given at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 1997 by Henri Cohen (dvi 255K)
  15. Draft chapters of elliptic curve handbook ECH1
  16. Modular forms (Igor Dolgachev)
  17. The Modular curves X0(N), Lecture notes by Bas Edixhoven
  18. Lecture notes for Math 259: Introduction to Analytic Number Theory (Spring 1998) (Noam Elkies)
  19. Course Notes for elementary and algebraic number theory, local fields, Ivan Fesenko
  20. Math 780: Elementary Number Theory, Notes by Michael Filaseta, 1997
  21. Lectures on cryptography, Heraklion, Crete 2003, (Gerhard Frey)
  22. Vinogradov's three-primes theorem, notes by Timothy Gowers (dvi 54K)
  23. Fall 2012-Math 201 Elementary Number Theory, Aaron Greicius
  24. Curves over finite fields, Richard Griffon
  25. Elementary Number Theory, by Peter Hackman
  26. Vorlesung Elementare Zahlentheorie mit Übungsblätter (Karin Halupczok)
  27. Azar y Aritmética (a course on probabilistic number theory by Harald Helfgott)
  28. Lecture notes on algebraic number theory (Jerome Hoffman)
  29. Lecture notes on elementary number theory (Bruce Ikenaga)
  30. Math 254B (Number Theory), lecture notes on class field theory, abelian extensions of number fields etc (Kiran Kedlaya)
  31. Notes on class field theory, Kiran S. Kedlaya
  32. 18.785: Analytic Number Theory (MIT, Spring 2007, Kiran Kedlaya)
  33. Cours de cryptographie, notes by Alain Kraus
  34. Algebraic Number Theory, Lecture Notes by Franz Lemmermeyer
  35. Quadratische Zahlkörper, Lecture notes by Franz Lemmermeyer
  36. Topics in Algebraic Geometry: Elliptic Curves, Lecture course by Franz Lemmermeyer
  37. Number theory lecture notes from Leiden University
  38. Seminar Notes on Elliptic Curves and Formal Groups: J. Lubin, J.-P. Serre and J. Tate, Summer Institute on Algebraic Geometry, Woods Hole, 1964
  39. Course notes in elementary number theory by Rudolph Maier (in Portuguese)
  40. Math 539, 2005, Lecture notes on analytic number theory by Greg Martin
  41. Introduction to number theory (MATH 4803/5803), lecture notes by Kimball Martin
  42. Number theory ii (MATH 6393), lecture notes on algebraic number theory by Kimball Martin
  43. Modular forms (MATH 6393), lecture notes by Kimball Martin
  44. MP313 and MP473 number theory course notes, problems and solutions by Keith Matthews
  45. Math 574 - A Graduate course in automorphic forms and representations (Stephen Miller)
  46. Course Notes by Jim Milne: Algebraic number theory, Class field theory, Algebraic Geometry, Elliptic Curves, Modular functions and forms, Abelian varieties, Etale Cohomology
  47. Elementare Zahlentheorie und Problemlösen, Herbert Möller
  48. DEA 2003/04: Elliptic functions and elliptic curves, lecture notes by Jan Nekovář
  49. Maple Tutorial for Number Theory (Don Rideout)
  50. Vorlesungen über Zahlentheorie, Elliptische Kurven und Kryptographie, (Wolfgang Ruppert)
  51. Lecture notes on elementary number theory (David Santos)
  52. Draft of PCMI Lecture Notes on Open Questions in Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry (Alice Silverberg) (ps file 803K)
  53. Continued fractions, Pell's equation, generating functions (Joe Silverman)
  54. Chapters 1-6 of A friendly introduction to number theory by Joe Silverman
  55. Notes on additive combinatorics K. Soundararajan
  56. MA253, notes by Jeff Hoffstein of a first course in algebraic number theory given by Harold Stark
  57. Elementary Number Theory: Primes, Congruences, and Secrets, William Stein, Undergraduate Text, Springer 2009 (freely available online)
  58. Algebraic number theory course book (William Stein)
  59. Lectures on Modular Forms and Hecke Operators (Ken Ribet and William A. Stein)
  60. Number rings, local fields, elliptic curves, lecture notes by Peter Stevenhagen
  61. Course notes on analytic number theory, algebraic number theory, linear forms in logarithms and diophantine equations (Cameron Stewart)
  62. Elliptische Kurven I/II, (Lecture notes in German by Michael Stoll)
  63. Introductory Number Theory (Course notes by Michael Stoll)
  64. Descent on Elliptic Curves (Course notes by Michael Stoll)
  65. Exercises on binary quadratic forms to supplement David Cox's book Primes of the Form x2+ny2 (Jeff Stopple)
  66. Combinatorial and Analytic Number Theory, (Robert Tijdeman 2007)
  67. Diophantine geometry in characteristic p: a survey, (Felipe Voloch)
  68. Introduction to Diophantine methods: irrationality and transcendence, course notes by Michel Waldschmidt
  69. Cours de théorie des nombres, notes by Michel Waldschmidt
  70. Algebraic number theory course notes (Tom Weston)
  71. Notes on elementary number theory (David Wilkins)
  72. Vorlesungsmanuskripte und Übungen zur Zahlentheorie (Dieter Wolke)
  73. Circulants, an online book by Alun Wyn-Jones
  74. Introduzione alla Teoria Analitica dei Numeri, lecture notes by Alessandro Zaccagnini

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