Ludvik Bass (1931-2022)

Notice from Professor Joe Grotowski, October 24, 2022:

I am sorry to let you know that Emeritus Professor Ludvik Bass passed away yesterday. Ludvik died suddenly, while out walking his dog.

Ludvik was a Professor of Mathematics at UQ from the late 1960s until his retirement in 1994, at which stage he became an Emeritus Professor. His initial work was in mathematical physics. Indeed, he held a postdoc with Erwin Schrödinger in Dublin, and was one of the last living co-authors of Schrödinger, the two having a joint paper with the provocative title Must the photon mass be zero? in 1955.

After coming to UQ, Ludvik worked more in biomathematics, and in particular was a pioneer of the mathematical modelling of drug uptake by the liver. Ludvik had active collaborations with groups in Denmark, which continued into his time as an Emeritus, and he was elected a Foreign Fellow of the Royal Danish Academy.

Ludvik stayed actively involved in supervision and research as an Emeritus. Indeed, he was working on a philosophical note in the days before his passing. Some staff may also remember Ludvik's formidable squash skills.

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